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Editor | Motion Designer| VFX Artist

An artist with 8+ years of experience. Many would say that you can’t put all that in one package. However by working on multiple channels on YouTube since 2012, and other projects that require a fast turn-around since 2007, you pick up a few things.

I've attended Full Sail University back in 2006, then graduated in 2008 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Digital Arts & Design, then I went back to Full Sail for my second degree in Film. In 2010, I received my diploma then started working for Full Sail as a Content Developer for their Instructional Design & Technology department. Same year I also launched kezfx, which is an identity that holds all of my projects and experiences into one place. It’s a home for me to express my creativity, as well as a place to collab with other amazing YouTubers and artists in this industry.

Currently, I work as an editor for Machinima’s channel ETC Show. I’m always open to networking and collaborating on projects, so let me know if you would like to work together on something extraordinary.


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Los Angeles · CA
P: (805) - 630 4584 · hello@kezfx.com

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